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Uber is Pro-Uber, not Pro-Free Market

In spite of opposition from the taxicabs and the regulators who make their cartels possible, Uber and Lyft have brought more competition in transportation services to a number of cities around the cou More...

How Did the World Turn Against Israel?

Hamas puts its rocket launchers in schools, but Israel gets blamed for civilian deaths when it strikes back—or at least partially blamed. Max Fisher’s Voxsplaining last week is a represent More...

You, Taxpayer, May End Up Paying the Cadillac Tax, Even If You Don’t Have Expensive Health Insurance

The so-called “Cadillac tax,” a tax on high-cost health insurance, is supposed to discourage the kind of overly generous first-dollar coverage that encourages too much health care consumpt More...

Where the Israel-Gaza Conflict Comes From

Israel’s critics would have you believe that Israel’s invasion of Gaza is a gross overreaction to a few rockets that are not doing much damage, anyway. But as Michael Mukasey explains, the More...

To Do: Discover Where the Israel Hatred Comes From

• Find out what has changed world opinion about Israel in the last 40 years. Joshua Muravchik will speak at The Heritage Foundation about his book Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned More...

In Gaza, They Tore Down Paradise and Put Up a Launching Spot

Israel invaded Gaza because the folks running Gaza don’t want peace, Charles Krauthammer reminds us: It was less than 10 years ago that worldwide television showed the Israeli army pulling More...

Australia Has Repealed Its Carbon Tax

It was a bad policy on many levels, writes Sinclair Davidson: Ironically, a tax is the theoretically correct market-based economic solution to a long-lived stock pollutant such as carbon dioxide. More...

EPA Still Wants to Garnish Wages without a Court Order, but It’s Willing to Wait a Little Longer

Here is a small win for transparency, due process of law, and the idea of government playing by the same rules as everyone else: The Environmental Protection Agency bowed to fierce criticism Wedn More...

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