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Subsidizing Big Oil—Abroad

While the Obama administration stands the in the way of the Keystone pipeline and resource development on public lands, it is subsidizing foreign fossil fuel companies through the Export-Import Bank. More...

However You Slice It, Taxes Are Progressive

A couple charts showing tax burdens by income levels. First, the distribution of federal income tax burdens: [2015 Federal Budget in Pictures, The Heritage Foundation] Second, the distributi More...

Parents Still Have the Right to Parent

If the Meitiv family decides to sue because their 6-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son were detained by police in Montgomery County, Md., merely for walking home alone from a local park, they&rsquo More...

To Do: Find out Whether the Iran Deal Will Make the World Safer or More Dangerous

• Discover what’s wrong with the proposed deal on Iran’s nuclear program. A panel at the Hudson Institute will evaluate the framework announced earlier this month. The discussion will More...

The Deal with Iran Would Preserve Iran’s Ability to Obtain a Nuclear Weapon

The framework for an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program would allow Iran to continue enriching uranium—i.e. the stuff that’s used to make nuclear weapons. That raises two questions More...

Work Requirements Work

Welfare reform in Maine: At the close of 2014 approximately 12,000 individuals were enrolled in the state assistance program. Keep in mind that these individuals are adults who aren’t disab More...

The Framework Doesn’t Require Iran to Dismantle Its Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure

Seems the administration has made a few concessions in negotiating with Iran: [American Enterprise Institute, April 15] More...

Did the Senate Just Turn “Advise and Consent” Into “Say Nothing and Consent”?

The original Corker/Menendez bill was supposed to ensure that any agreement that President Obama made with Iran concerning its nuclear program was reviewed and approved by Congress before taking effec More...

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