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Bonus Toolkit: Are Your Leaders Playing the Right Roles?

How is your think tank’s organizational self-awareness? Are your leaders still playing the right roles to help the organization succeed? Assessing those questions can be a challenge, but it is n More...

Is There an Escape from Common Core?

Common Core is probably a bigger threat to your child’s education than you realize, but there is momentum for change, too. A panel at The Heritage Foundation discusses how the effort to homogeni More...

There Are About 49 States That Should Be More Like Texas

Mark Perry: The chart and data tell a powerful and remarkable story of job creation in the Lone Star State of more than 1.36 million new jobs added since the start of the Great Recession, compare More...

How Net Neutrality Can Shut Down Competition

Google is a major advocate of net neutrality, but did you know the company itself has been accused of violating net neutrality principles? James Gattuso and Michael Sargent recount the controversy: More...

A “Doc Fix” that Helps Both Taxpayers and Patients

Every year, Congress worries about a so-called Doc Fix—reversing Medicare fee cuts in order to make sure enough doctors remain willing to provide services to beneficiaries. David Henderson sugge More...

Firestone’s Success Against Ebola in Liberia Would Have Been Against the Rules in the United States

While Ebola was ravaging communities elsewhere in Liberia, Firestone prevented an epidemic at its rubber farm and processing plant—the largest such plantation in the world—less than 40 mil More...

Toolkit Tuesday: Tweet Well Without Sitting in Front of a Computer 24/7

Two suggestions for building your twitter followers, from Katerina Petropoulou Curate the best content Now that you know who your Twitter audience is, the goal is to tweet content they wi More...

The New Civics Lesson

Saturday Night Live updates Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill”: More...

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