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Looks Who’s Worried about Kids Questioning Authority

Today’s young adult dystopian fiction is going to turn the kids into pro-capitalist libertarians! Or at least one progressive commentator worries that it will. Ewan Morrison writes: What ma More...

Secure the Border, Maybe?

Earlier this week, President Obama committed a wee gaffe, when he responded to a question about consulting with Congress on action against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria by saying: “We don& More...

Taxpayers Are Funding a Ministry of Open Debate

Apparently, people on the Internet are saying stuff that’s wrong, but don’t worry: The federal government is on it! The Week reports that the National Science Foundation has given nearly $ More...

The Federal Government Will Have to Defend Its Common Core Push in Court

On Wednesday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) filed suit against the federal government, charging that the Department of Education is attempting to create a national curriculum and thereby exercise a More...

The Department of Justice Is Shaking Down Banks in Order to Fund Left-Wing Politics

So far, Left wing activist groups have netted $128 billion from so-called mortgage fraud settlements that the Department of Justice is negotiating with the big banks. Investor’s Business Daily r More...

You Say You Want a Common Core Exit Strategy?

There are three reasons states that have not yet exited Common Core educational standards should do so now, says Jim Stergios: 1. The feds can no longer hold out the possibility of punishing stat More...

Left-Wing Historians Want to Hijack the Teaching of American History

The College Board has released a new “Framework” for its Advanced Placement U.S. History Exam. Stanley Kurtz writes that the product is the work of a “conclave of historians with a l More...

Which Kind of Inequality Really Matters?

The distributions of life-expectancy, health, and education have never been more equal, reports Nicholas Eberstadt. On life-expectancy: The risk of dying in infancy in Sweden today is about 100 t More...

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  • Thomas Steyer’s avowed desire to devote his wealth to philanthropic ends appears, at first blush, commendable. Un-fortunately, he has so far dedicated his $1.6 billion fortune to advancing far-left causes through donations to nonprofit groups and politicians, More...

  • Around the nation, pressure groups are helping to pass laws that forbid local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agencies that is- sue orders to detain illegal immigrants. The president’s Cook County in Illinois has been one of the worst More...

  • It’s been a long, slow slide for the United Auto Workers, which hit its peak in the early 1950s. Defeated in a critical unionization election in the South and facing a critical change in state law in its home base in Michigan, the UAW has responded to the chal More...

  • The RESTORE Act allows local governments to make the majority of meaningful decisions as to how the money is spent. In doing so, the RESTORE Act will likely bring upwards of $1 billion under Alabama’s control or direction. With that amount of capital, local le More...

  • No one should condone excessive police force, private crime, or violent public protests. The hard question is figuring out the ways in which to tamp down on these issues. That is ultimately the challenge of any responsible system of public administration. Oddl More...

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