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Video of the Week: Should Corporations Be Able to Exercise Religious Liberty?

Ilya Shapiro, David H. Gans, and Randy E. Barnett discuss at the Cato Institute: More...

Toolkit: How to Look Good in Interviews from Your Computer

Do you do live interviews over your computer? Ron Nehring has eight tips for how to make them look good; here are the first three: Ditch the headphones, this isn’t the subway. Those white A More...

Pro-Gay Marriage Bakers Support the Right to Decline Some Customers

A number of California bakeries have refused to bake a cake that says “Gay Marriage Is Wrong,” reports Scott Shackford: Theodore Shoebat is the answer to the question, “Why shou More...

How Did North Korea Shut Down a Movie that Made Fun of Kim Jong Un?

In an interview with Deadline.com, George Clooney had some strong words about the week’s terrible news concerning freedom of expression. The problem, he said, wasn’t just that Sony decided More...

Overcriminalization—Now Even More Detrimental to Your Liberty

There are so many criminal laws on the books that virtually anyone can break a law without even intending to do so. Ignorance of the law, they say, is no excuse. Unless you are a police officer. More...

Santa’s List—Mend It or End It?

One liberal think tank is a little concerned about how the legend of St. Nick has been embellished by The Elf on the Shelf story. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published an article t More...

To Reform Policing, Reform Collective Bargaining

Union power is one of the reasons police are not held accountable for misfeasance as much as they ought to be, explains Lucy Morrow Caldwell: It’s easy to assume that collective bargaining, More...

To Do: Figure Out How to Put the Regulatory State in Its Place

• Find out if the next Congress can restore the constitutional balance between the executive and legislative branches. A panel at the Hudson Institute will examine the rise of the regulatory stat More...

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