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To Do: Discover Just How Great (or Not) ObamaCare Is Doing

• Find out if all is well with ObamaCare, now that the open enrollment period has ended. The American Enterprise Institute will host a half-day conference examining the state of ObamaCare. The co More...

Fergus Reid Buckley, R.I.P.

Fergus Reid Buckley, public speaking coach to hundreds, died on Monday. He was 83. Reid Buckley, like his older brother William F. Buckley, was an expert debater. In 1988 he founded the Buckley School More...

The View from Ranchland

Our former Heritage Foundation colleague Theodora Dowling (intern, fall 2008) comes from a family that has been ranching in Northern California for six generations. She has worked for both the Public More...

Question and Answer: Paul Krugman Edition

Paul Krugman, commenting on Ezra Klein’s inaugural essay at Vox last week: What Ezra does is cite research showing that people understand the world in ways that suit their tribal identities More...

Basically, Congress Is Taking Your Money and Giving It to Boeing

The Export-Import Bank is supposed to finance transactions that the private sector deems too risky but that are still worth doing. If that sounds a bit like searching for a square circle, then you won More...

A Letter We Wish We Had the Bravery to Write to the Internal Revenue Service

As Paul Caron puts it, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has told the Internal Revenue Service that his taxes are a known unknown: [TaxProf Blog, April 16] More...

Who Pays Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Just in case you forgot: More...

Do You Have Time for the Taxman?

The cost of taxes is more than just the amount of money the Internal Revenue Service takes from you every year. You also pay with the time and energy it takes to keep your records and fill out the for More...

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