Stop the Broadcasts of Al-Qaeda’s TV Propoganda

In an effort to further the message of radical Islam, the Baathist supported Islamic Army of Iraq has launched its own twenty-four hour satellite television station, al-Zawraa. Filled with images of bloodstained streets, destroyed mosques, and wounded and killed U.S. soldiers, the station plays a leading role in encouraging continued resistance and attacks against U.S. coalition forces. If the U.S. is to win the hearts and minds of the Middle East, it cannot idly stand by and allow the continued spread of such hateful and violent news media by radical Islamist groups. The U.S. must actively seek to limit this media by using financial incentives to pressure Arab governments to shut down militant Islamic TV and radio stations. In addition, the U.S. and its regional allies need to more actively begin developing more ideological neutral Middle East media outlets that seek to provide a balanced perspective on issues important to Muslims as well as promoting how the democratic and market values championed by the West can benefit the Arab community.

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