Four Key Principles for a Conservative British Foreign Policy

After three years of lackluster helmsmanship from Gordon Brown, Britain’s international presence needs to be revitalized. At the same time, Barack Obama’s failure to assert powerful U.S. leadership offers the Conservative leader a major opportunity to flex British muscle. The new government should not be afraid to aggressively assert a British footprint, both in Europe and across the globe. A conservative foreign policy should rest on four key principles: (1) the preservation of the Anglo–American Special Relationship and the transatlantic alliance, (2) the defense of British national sovereignty, (3) the firm projection of military power in the defense of the national interest, and (4) the advancement of freedom and liberty. All four principles should be underwritten by a strong national defense, necessitating a significant increase in defense spending above its current historically low level of just 2.1 percent of GDP.

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