Social Media Tips

Last weekend at RightOnline, Mark Meranta of the Institute for Justice provided some good ideas on using social media. We were there and took notes:


● Do cross-promotions with other like-minded groups.

● Lead updates with outrageous facts.

● Create conversations. Ask people to “like” and “share” your posts.

● Use links, pictures, and videos a lot. The algorithm that Facebook uses to determine whether your post will show up in someone else’s news feed—called EdgeRank—gives your content a better score for links, pictures, and videos. More: “EdgeRank: The Secret Sauce that Makes Facebook’s News Feed Tick,” by Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch, April 22, 2010.

● Use the full link when posting videos. You won’t be able to embed the video with link shorteners like

● Post only once or twice per day, and make sure you put your best stuff up.

● If you don’t have good content for the day, don’t post.

● Sunday night is prime time for people to check Facebook, so try to have content for that time.

● Learn about using Facebook ads at

● Engage people: Thank them for posting to your page, ask them questions, use tagging, and stay in touch with activists in real life.

● Read for more tips and tricks.


● Set up an automatic message thanking people for following you. (And use the full link for your Web site in your “thank you” message.)

● Set up your account so that it automatically follows those who follow you.

● Say “pls RT” when you have something important to say. But don’t abuse it.

● Don’t use up all 140 characters in your posts. Leave enough slack so that your followers can retweet with the usual credit text—e.g., “RT @yourtwittername.”

● Be skeptical of hashtags. They can be overbroad and overused (e.g., “#tcot”).

● Publicly thank people for retweets.

● Tweet @ people to engage them and build brand recognition.