YouTube Tips

Last weekend at RightOnline, Ed Frank gave a talk on how to produce effective YouTube videos. We were there and took notes:

Why YouTube is important: YouTube gets over 3 billion views per day. Every minute 48 hours of video is uploaded. Eighteen- to 29-year-olds visit YouTube for political informatin more than they check candidate Web sites or online newspapers.

Rule #1: Always have a pocket video camera with you so that you can expose liberal hypocrisy, corruption, and stupidity when you see it.

Keys to a Good Interview

● Ask polite questions.

● Do your homework.

●Make your point with your question. This works better than leading with a monologue.

● Act like a lawyer; know the answer to your question before you ask it.

● Use two cameras so that you can fully capture your subject’s responses.

● Focus on elected officials or celebrity activists. Don’t waste your time on idiots that nobody pays attention to.

Keys to a Good Video

● Have relevant newsworthy content.

● Put your stuff up quickly. Speed kills.

● Get as close to your subject as possible.

● Use a tripod and microphone.

● Learn basic video editing (e.g., Windows MovieMaker).

● Open with an establishment shot.

● Incorporate music. But beware of royalty issues. Royalty-free music is available.

● Keep it under two minutes.

● Find more tips by searching on YouTube. If you don’t know how to do something, somebody else has probably already made a how-to video on it.

Get Your Video Seen

● Use smart titles and tags.

● Get it out on Facebook and Twitter.

● Send it to reporters and bloggers.