Enliven Your Facebook Page

Great, you’ve created a Facebook page for your organization. Now what? Here’s a few tips for building your online community:

● Make sure your status updates include a link back to your Web site.

● Have an enticing cover photo that draws people in visually.

● Create a clear and concise description of your company or organization.

● Stock up on several good photos that represent your company well so that’s what people see when they click the photos section of your page.

● Encourage “likes” and comments. The more “likes” and comments you get, the more weight your content is given and it will have a better chance of appearing on people’s newsfeeds.

● Encourage people to invite their friends to “Like” your page. Don’t be afraid to leverage people who already like you. Most people will have no problem inviting their friends and it’s a great way to grow your fan base.

● Make your updates interesting  by including photos, videos, and quizzes.

● Make your posts interactive by asking questions or encouraging discussion in the comments.

● Use posts to spotlight your fans.

● Promote content from allies’ sites. They will probably reciprocate by posting your content, too.

● Don’t overpost! One to three times per day is probably about right.

● Interact with your fans! Answer their questions, be responsive, and engaging!