Get Started on Tumblr

If you’ve discovered the weird and wonderful world of Tumblr, you’re likely looking for a few tips to get you started or just get into the groove of this ever-growing online community.

Tumblr has been around for awhile but has recently gained a lot of attention since President Obama began one. It’s in your best interest to learn the ins and outs of this non-traditional social medium. The following seven tips should be of good use to anyone making their way on Tumblr:

1. Following: Like Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr is a place to make friends. You start doing that by following Tumblrs that interest. Search the Tumblr interests section to find a few of the spotlighted Tumblrs in your interest area. Your favorites aren’t easy to find but you have to start somewhere.

2. Tagging: If you are looking for Tumblrs on specific subjects, simply tag your search in the search bar. For example, if you are looking for people writing about cyber-security issues, use that tag in the search and you’ll find what you are looking for.

3. Re-Blog: As you scroll your Tumblr dashboard (the place where all the Tumblrs you follow feed into), reblog the ones you like! It’s like a ReTweet on Twitter. Adding commentary with your own opinion about it to the reblog is a great way to attract attention from the original Tumblr and their followers.

4. Like posts and comment on them: Like every other social media, Tumblr users like to be noticed. When you feed their ego, they’ll feed yours back. Be sure to leave a “note” (the equivalent of a Facebook “like”) on posts you enjoy and comment on those you have something to say.

5. Start arguments: If you have a disagreement with a Tumblr, reblog their post and state your disagreement. Usually, they will respond and others will join in the action as well. In turn, you’ll receive more followers. People will see you are a person worth paying attention too.

6. Use effective photos and GIFs: GIFs are a Tumblr staple and if you can make your point with one, the more popular you will be. The visuals on your Tumblr can make or break you so be sure you pick out funny, appropriate photos to accompany your point.

7. Be Funny: The Tumblr community thrives on comedy. You must be able to make fun of yourself, take others lightly, and listen to their opinions. A great way to throw in the humor is getting #6 down pat: stellar GIFs.