Get the Most out of Your Facebook Posts

Five things to remember:

1. Headlines. If you post a link on your profile page, you can easily click inside the headline and change it (same goes for the summary). Think about what would make someone want to click that link or “like” it immediately. Be a little sensational and do your own headline marketing.

2. Questions. Ask genuine questions of your readers. If you’ve posted a link to an article about our troops in Afghanistan, for example, use the white space to ask your friends what they think in light of the link. Ask in a personal tone so people feel like it’s a conversation worth joining.

3. Action. A good mantra to remember on Facebook: “Ask and you shall receive.” Calls to action generally produce the best results. Ask people to “like” the post, “answer” the question, or “share” the video. Many times, people just don’t think about the action without a little prompting. Go for it.

4. Timing. Don’t post too many updates on your Facebook page. As a general rule, post only one to three times per day. Be aware of how long your posts generate attention. Respect the life span of a post and let it breathe as long as it wants to. Posting too often gets your posts lost in the shuffle, and the whole point is to have your message seen.

5. Value. What value does your post add to someone else’s Facebook newsfeed? Think about what others will see when they log in to Facebook looking for something interesting. Thoughtful posts with punchy headlines, genuine questions, substantial calls to action, and—most importantly—valuable information, will increase your worth as a Facebook friend.