Review of the Triangle Transit Authority’s Response to Questions Regarding Costs and Ridership

The Wake County Transit Plan1 calls for significant expansion of the transit system in Wake County North Carolina, including doubled bus transit service, new commuter rail service between Raleigh and Durham, and a new light rail service between Carey and northeast Raleigh. The cost of this expansion was estimated at $4.6 Billion, to be paid for largely by a 1/2-cent sales tax and other federal, state and local funds over 28 years. The Plan’s details assert a more than doubling of transit ridership as a result. A review by the John Locke Foundation found that the Plan contained numerous optimistic assumptions, errors of fact or omission and calculations at variance with standard industry practice. Therefore, the review found that the Plan was not technically nor financially feasible and was unreliable as the basis for decisions regarding transit investment in Wake County.

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