Get Your Facebook Followers to Follow Your Main Web Site, Too

So you’ve enhanced your Facebook content and developed a following. Now, how do you entice your followers to make the trip over to your main Web site? Here are a few ideas:

Be Visual: Big, bold, clear photographs and graphics are the key to attention on Facebook. Think about what grabs your attention when it pops up in the Facebook newsfeed.

Be Shameless: Modify personal or legally purchased photos in Photoshop to include your Web site at the bottom so that anyone who sees the photo will see your Web site also. Additionally, add text or quotes to the photo that will enhance the meaning of it for your own purposes.

Be Linkable: Always include a link to your Web site or a particular post you are pushing in your status update. You always want your reader to have the option to click over easily.

Be Patient: Don’t post too much! Limit your Facebook posting to one to three times per day and allow each post the time to “breathe” in the newsfeed. Each like, share or comment it receives opens the opportunity for more people to view it and click on the link to your site. By letting your posts “grow,” you will ultimately gain more clicks.

Be Experimental: Try different tactics for your status updates to see which ones make your post stick the most. Include calls to action, occasionally a sensational headline, or leave readers wondering what is so interesting about this link you are promoting.

Be Yourself: Chances are, what you find funny and/or interesting is something your readers or fans will too. Explore how your favorite brands are using their Facebook pages to get your attention and replicate the success in your own way.