Obamacare’s Failings Go Well Beyond the Individual Mandate and Medicaid

Obamacare is under review by the Supreme Court because of its constitutionally suspect provisions, namely the “individual mandate” and the coercive Medicaid provisions. Certainly, the Court would do the country an immense favor by striking down the entire law so the decks were cleared for a sensible, market-based reform plan. In the event that the Court does not invalidate the entirety of Obamacare, it is important to remember that whatever remains in the books is just as problematic as the provisions under legal scrutiny. There are many other aspects of the law that would be damaging. And all of these features could remain threats to the strength of the economy and quality of American health care if the Court upholds the law or severs the unconstitutional provisions from the rest of the legislation. Congress must stand ready to repeal the rest of Obamacare in the event that the Court does not invalidate the entire thing.

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