Use Google+ Hangout to Get Personal with Your Audience

Google+ has a feature called Hangouts that lets you have real-time face-to-face conversations on the Web. Don’t overlook this platform as part of your Web marketing strategy. Here’s what to do:

Get started: Begin by creating a Google+ profile for yourself if you don’t already have one. This can be done by going to, clicking on the “You” in the upper left hand corner. Then, click the option to “create a new account.” Having a Google+ profile is necessary for Hangout but also beneficial for communicating with customers and consumers in other ways as well. Once you have a Google+ profile, you can follow the instructions to start up a Hangout. Then, you are ready to roll with these three tips:

Have real-time interaction: Create a select group of supporters, customers, etc. to participate in a Google+ Hangout. Create an agenda to talk over during your scheduled time and get honest, face-to-face feedback from your most valued consumers. They will appreciate the personal aspect of Hangout and feel especially valued. The feedback you get from a real-time—as opposed to email or even a phone call—will be more genuine and also give the consumer a personal connection with you. For that, he will become more endeared to your product or service.

Host a virtual panel: Like at a conference or event, Hangout can provide a virtual panel of speakers or experts to talk about their areas of expertise. Create a title for the panel and have each person speak for a few minutes. Then, take questions from others logged in and from other Web-based social media like Twitter and Facebook. This allows you to get your ideas and expertise out there without going to all the trouble of traveling to a conference. It can be used for your advantage if you need to respond to something quickly.

Give it away! Attract interest in your Hangout by holding a contest in which you will announce the winner during the Hangout. Give-aways always generate huge spikes in traffic and by doing something innovative like this, you’ll gain even more attention. Local blogs and news sites may even take notice and promote it for you, which will give you even more traffic. Consumers will find it interesting you are a step ahead and this is the perfect platform for a give-away.

Google+ Hangout makes it so easy for you to have genuine interaction with fans and consumers. Take advantage of this free service and up your game in the social media world at the same time.