Using Value-Added Analysis to Raise Student Achievement in Wisconsin

A thorough review was conducted of the current and historical context of Wisconsin testing policies and the potential and logistical introduction of a statewide value-added assessment system. Several specific proposals are recommended, including adding value-added data to statutorily required school and district performance reports, as well as requiring all teachers and principals receive a value-added analysis of their students’ state standardized test scores. The review also calls for ensuring that teachers and principals are provided with training encouragement of incorporating value-added methodology at Wisconsin schools of education. While there are moderate costs to getting the most out of value-added analysis, there is vast potential to use existing federal and state funding as well as private philanthropy to offset these costs. It is time to ensure that useful data reach those most important in determining student success. The current value-added analyses already being done in Wisconsin is a step toward giving teachers and principals additional tools to meet the needs of Wisconsin pupils.

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