Seven Educational Reasons to Oppose San Antonio’s Pre-K Plan

On November 6, San Antonio voters will decide whether to increase their sales tax by 1/8th cent to generate $280 million over a period of eight years. Revenue from the tax increase would fund a new city educational corporation. This report discusses seven reasons why this plan should be rejected, specifically that: 1) the results of national research on the benefits of preschool education are mixed, 2) The City of San Antonio has not evaluated the reasons why parents of the 2,300 target children who are eligible for pre-K have not enrolled them, 3) research gives reason to be concerned about the ill effects of routinely separating very young children from their parents for long hours, 4) the City of San Antonio has not evaluated the effectiveness of current pre-K programs, 5) the national evaluation of Head Start is not encouraging, 6) The pre-K proposal fails to provide for accountability to parents, and finally that 7) The pre-K plan fails to acknowledge and respond to the critical contribution of marriage and family stability to children’s school achievement, graduation from high school, and later life outcomes.

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