The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability: A Case Study in Virginia

Long-term care (LTC) for the elderly is already a large risk and expense. Virginia faces multi-faceted long-term care problems including (1) a rapidly increasing elderly population with (2) much higher numbers of disabled or dementia-afflicted people coming soon and (3) Medicaid already strained as the principal LTC payer dependent on (4) funding from the heavily indebted federal government as supplemented by (5) state revenues constrained by current recessionary and other budgeting pressures and promising, but limited future economic prospects with (6) very little private financing of LTC to relieve the budgetary pressure on public programs in the context of (7) heavy public dependency on social programs already and (8) a growing “entitlement mentality” among the citizenry. This report recommends that Virginia reassess its current LTC initiatives and move in the direction of reducing dependency on public programs while attracting much more private revenue into the LTC financing mix.

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