After the Malaysian Airlines Atrocity: 10 Ways the U.S. Should Respond to Russia’s Role in Ukraine

Evidence is mounting that Russian-backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine were responsible for shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Moscow must be held to account for its role in this atrocity. The United States should respond by establishing a new long-term strategy that protects its vital interests against a hostile Russian regime and strengthens the NATO alliance. As part of that strategy, the U.S. should withdraw from New START, a fundamentally flawed treaty that would limit U.S. missile defense capability. The U.S. should be prepared to exclude Moscow from the diplomatic community, from the G20 summit, and from military cooperation with NATO allies. The retreat of U.S. power in Eastern Europe must be reversed, military cooperation with allies reinforced, and restrictions on energy exports to Europe lifted. Most importantly, the U.S. must send a clear message to the Kremlin that its actions in Ukraine are unacceptable.

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