Raising Transformational Gifts

Are you trying to figure out how to identify prospective givers of transformation gifts? Daniel Erspamer of the State Policy Network has written a brief outline of practices to follow. Here are the first three items:

Build & Maintain a Priorities Plan: It should be updated in real time and be your guide for your relationship-building efforts. Make sure it captures all of the supporters and probable supporters in your portfolio. A plan should be built for each. This also means keep an eye on gifts as they come in. Research new supporters in real time. Reevaluate often.

Execute Your Plan: Make your calls. Write your notes. Be creative. Measure your progress. Every day—this includes when you are on the road. Use your plans to keep you honest and on track in building real, meaningful, long-term and productive relationships with key investors.

Place the Order: You’ve got to ask for significant gifts. Relationships matter deeply, and they’re the foundation of it all. But, we are also responsible for paying to make dreams reality. Remember, we aim for transformational donor partners. Paint a powerful picture and be persuasive in asking for investments.

For the rest of Erspamer’s action plan, see “Eleven Irrefutable-ish Rules to Raise Transformational Gifts” in the March/April 2014 issue of SPN News.