Citizens’ Guide to Seattle’s Proposition1: To Increase the Sales Tax and Car Fees to Pay for Current Bus Service in Seattle

Proposition 1’s regressive tax increases come at a time when Seattle voters are being asked to pay higher taxes for other new programs. Seattle voters recently approved an annual $48 million tax hike to increase spending on parks. The Mayor and some City Councilmembers want to increase property taxes further to fund universal preschool, at $15 million per year, and to raise taxes to renew and possibly expand the Bridging the Gap program, currently at $40 million per year. The Mayor recently proposed a new public safety levy to increase spending on police and fire departments within the city Although Seattleites supported King County’s April ballot measure to raise taxes, that may not translate into local support for Proposition 1. Under Seattle officials’ plan, the public is being asked to spend more to receive less, to subsidize costly and inefficient transit and to unfairly punish drivers to benefit other travel modes.

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