Tweet Well Without Sitting in Front of a Computer 24/7

Two suggestions for building your twitter followers, from Katerina Petropoulou

Curate the best content

Now that you know who your Twitter audience is, the goal is to tweet content they will find interesting enough to click on and share with their followers.

A good content curation system can help you save tons of time every day discovering quality content and staying on top of news. And make sure that influential blogs in your field and trustworthy news sources are on your radar.

Keep calm and schedule

The most successful Twitter users manage to keep their accounts updated without being glued in front of a screen the whole day. How? By scheduling their tweets throughout the day.

You can build your very own sharing plan based on when your followers are online and schedule your tweets accordingly for maximum reach.

Bonus tip: Are you already using Buffer to schedule your tweets? You can easily manage and schedule your content through Twitter Counter as well, by connecting your Buffer account. [TwitterCounter, September 6]

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