How to Look Good in Interviews from Your Computer

Do you do live interviews over your computer? Ron Nehring has eight tips for how to make them look good; here are the first three:

Ditch the headphones, this isn’t the subway. Those white Apple headphones with built in microphone might make you look cool, but on television they look ridiculous. Buy yourself a black Radio Shack clip on microphone for $32.99 and keep it in your laptop bag. Before your interview, connect it to your laptop’s microphone jack and run the wire so it can’t be seen, such as under your shirt or jacket. Clip it to a dark article of clothing (such as your jacket) so it’s less visible to viewers. No, don’t put this off. Here’s a link to the microphone. Shipping is free.

No one wants you looking down to them, so set your camera at eye level. Setting your laptop on your desk and tilting the screen up so it’s looking up your nose is about as helpful as wearing a sign that reads “amateur.” Set the laptop on a few books to raise it to your eye level. The screen (assuming the camera is mounted to it) should be at exactly 90 degrees to the desk.

Look behind you. Do you want that on TV? Take the time to orient your webcam so your background looks professional, or is at least free of distractions. I flip my laptop around and have my bookcases in the background when I do Skype interviews (after making sure they’re neat and organized). Take the time to get this right. [Ron Nehring Labs, December 29, 2013]