Defending Life 2015: Celebrating Ten Years of Defending Life: A State-by-State Legal Guide to Abortion, Bioethics, and the End of Life

After inventing a constitutional “right” to abortion and declaring themselves the “National Abortion Control Board”—with the final word on every federal or state regulation or limitation of abortion—certain members of the U.S. Supreme Court may have believed that democratic debate over the issue would dissipate. Instead, legislative gains over the last ten years have demonstrated both the resilience of the pro-life movement and a growing awareness among Americans that every abortion ends at least one human life and can gravely endanger another. The model legislation featured in this volume is included in AUL’s Women’s Protection Project and covers the full spectrum of life issues: abortion, protection for unborn children in contexts other than abortion, emerging biotechnologies, the end-of-life, and healthcare freedom of conscience.

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