Overcoming Obamacare: Three Approaches to Reversing the Government Takeover of Health Care

Opposition to Obamacare is stronger than ever, but critics of the law will need to unite around an alternative if they want to move the nation’s health care system in a free market direction. In Overcoming Obamacare, the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein, one of the leading conservative health care writers, takes readers inside the fierce debate on the right on how to overhaul the health care system in the wake of Obamacare. Drawing on eight years of experience reporting on the issue, dozens of interviews with prominent health policy experts, and conversations with Republican political leaders including Bobby Jindal and Paul Ryan, Klein articulates a free market vision for health care and presents three competing paths to getting there. Whether you’re a conservative fighting to repeal Obamacare or a liberal wondering how Republicans may go about unraveling it, this book is a must read.

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