Critique of “Climate Change Adaptation: DOD Can Improve Infrastructure Planning and Process to Better Account for Potential Impacts”

The Government Accountability Office has overlooked convincing evidence that climate change is unlikely to have a greater effect on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) infrastructure or America’s military preparedness in general than past climate changes. The GAO report is flawed primarily because it is based on a false premise: that all climate change phenomena are getting worse over time. DOD should reconsider its policy prescription of increased investments in adaptation or mitigation measures. Implementation of such measures by DOD without a sound, unbiased science backing is wasteful, premature, and not conducive to a strong national defense or “mission readiness.” DOD should not sacrifice convenient and proven energy availability out of fear that global warming will cause changes in ice or sea levels that are unprecedented. The fear is unjustified, and the science is quite clear.

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