Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The Connection Between Increasing IQs, Decreasing Violence, and Economic Liberalism

Since the Enlightenment, humans have demonstrated dramatic moral progress. If the moral Flynn effect (which says that the increases in our reasoning abilities may have started with the industrial revolution and continued based on the increase in cognitively demanding jobs) is real, the implications for the future of humanity are encouraging as we continue expanding the moral sphere along with the abstract complexity of our technologies and culture. There are no biological constraints on what we are capable of becoming if we apply what we know works to expand the moral sphere: liberal democracy and universal franchise, free trade and market capitalism, property rights, civil rights, equal treatment under the law, porous political and economic borders and the freedom to travel, and other characteristics of free societies. Freedom in abundance for all is within our reach this century. We can bend that moral arc even more.

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