Senate’s Iran Nuclear Bill Misses the Point

The well-intentioned Senate Foreign Relations Committee legislation has negative consequences because it diverts attention from what should be the goals of an acceptable nuclear agreement: 1. A permanent halt in Iran’s uranium enrichment and plutonium production; 2. A robust and long-term verification program with extensive real-time monitoring of all nuclear facilities; 3. Iranian admission and detailed accounting for all past research and development of the military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program; 4. A gradual and phased lifting of sanctions linked to Iranian fulfillment of its obligations; 5. A clear and rapid process for re-imposing all sanctions if Iran is caught cheating; and 6. The final outcome must strengthen long-term nuclear nonproliferation efforts, rather than encourage other nations to demand the same nonproliferation concessions as Iran. Congress and the Administration should be focusing on the serious flaws of the Iranian deal rather than on procedural and congressional prerogative issues.

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