Don’t Get Stuck in Your Booth

If you’re like us, you attend a few conferences every year; and when you do it usually involves manning a booth to promote your organization’s work. As Amy Armstrong points out, however, there are things you can do outside the booth space to promote your organization. Here is one idea:

Talk to your marketing staff to create a company app that is either company-related or tied into the trade show or event at which you are exhibiting. At the very least, be sure to promote using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. All of these platforms are great for live updates during the show. LinkedIn and Twitter are proven to be the best social media platforms to promote yourself while at the event, so don’t let them be silent. LinkedIn is a great way to get professional attention!

For more ideas, see Armstrong’s article “Think Outside the Box! 5 Ways to Promote Beyond Your Booth Space.” [Skyline Trade Show Tips, April 2]