Poverty and Progress In New York IV: Crime Trends During the First Six Months of 2015

During the first 18 months of the de Blasio administration, murders and other forms of crime trended in opposite directions. At each six-month interval over the past one and a half years, total crime has been down. The murder rate, by contrast, has been slowly transitioning from being down (-10.5 percent, six months into 2014), to up (11 percent, six months into 2015). Shooting incidents were up at each six-month interval since the Bloomberg administration left office. The experience of low-income neighborhoods has been mixed. Some neighborhoods have experienced decreases in murders, shootings, and/or total crime. Others have seen virtually no relief from their high murder rates since the de Blasio administration took office. The greatest demand for policing, measured in terms of 911 calls, continues to be found mostly in low-income neighborhoods.

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