Permission to Work in Hawaii

The laws hurt the most vulnerable people living in Hawaii. Licensing laws get in the way of people who want to find a good job in Hawaii’s poor economy. Restrictions on work ultimately hurt the most vulnerable people in our society, and have the added effect of raising prices on consumers by as much as 16%, according to the U.S. Department of Treasury and Economic Policy. Many of Hawaii’s occupational laws are simply overburdensome. The laws do not necessarily add to safety or quality.  Many of Hawaii’s licensed professions like cosmetologists, nail technicians, or hairdressers pose an extremely low safety risk.  In addition, many states do not require a license for these types of professions, and there is little evidence that shampooers are more dangerous in states that do not require a license.

As Hawaii’s economy continues to struggle, let’s not forget the people living in poverty who are faced with higher prices and fewer opportunities. It may be time to re-evaluate our state’s licensing laws, and deregulate ones that are no longer needed.  Reducing unneeded regulation can help give people at the bottom of the economic ladder a chance to climb up.

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