The Strange Silence about Climate Policy and the Looming Apocalypse

That failure to address the central question is characteristic of the “climate” dogma of the environmental left generally: What effect would their policy prescriptions have under assumptions most favorable to their position? The Obama administration Climate Action Plan (a 17 percent reduction in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2020): eighteen one-thousandths of a degree by 2100. The pseudo-agreement with China, announced last November, disavowed two weeks later, supposedly now to be resurrected, but with the details left to the imagination; and so let us assume an additional 10 percent reduction by the U.S. and a 20 percent reduction by China: two tenths of a degree. Let’s go wild and assume a 30 percent reduction by the rest of the industrialized world: another two tenths of a degree. The grand total: barely more than four tenths of a degree. Is that worth something on the order of a trillion dollars per year? And let us not forget the latest fantasy of the environmental left: an 80 percent reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The temperature effect: about three tenths of a degree by 2100.

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