The Rising Tide of Migrants and Refugees: Due Diligence and Adherence to Law Required

America has always been a beacon of hope in this world. She should always retain that role. At the same time, the Islamic State and other radical Islamists would seek to harm America in the midst of her philanthropy and good will. The U.S. can both help refugees and keep the homeland safe—if the government is able to implement a clear plan that minimizes risks and leverages the many resources of multiple government agencies and private-sector organizations. If the President decides the U.S. should provide additional help to refugees fleeing persecution in Syria and other countries, the Administration should present a risk assessment for Congress to understand the risks entailed in accepting additional refugees, develop a plan to properly screen and vet all the people being considered for resettlement here in the United States, determine appropriate sources of refugees, fully follow the law as established with no deviations or executive overreach outside existing statute, fully consult with Congress on the development, final substance, and execution of the operation, and defeat ISIS and support Syrian rebel groups that would accept a political settlement after Assad is forced out of power.

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