A Secure and Stable Caspian Sea Is in America’s Interest

The Caspian Sea is an important, if often overlooked, region in regard to many of the challenges that the U.S. faces around the world, such as a resurgent Russia, an emboldened Iran, wavering allies, growing China, and the rise of Islamic extremism. The resources located in and near the Caspian make the region of particular importance for locals and outsiders alike. The region’s energy resources are great and could play a significant role in helping Europe to loosen its dependence on Russia for oil and gas. Russia and Iran are the region’s biggest players, but Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan are emerging regional actors in their own rights. If the U.S. is to have a grand strategy for dealing with a resurgent Russia and an emboldened Iran and to help Europe improve its energy security, policymakers in Washington cannot ignore the Caspian region.

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