Nine Steps President Macri Can Take to Restore Economic Freedom in Argentina

Argentina’s new president will inherit a legacy of political instability and restrictive policies that hinder economic growth. The destruction of Argentina, once a great and wealthy country, really began under Juan Perón. Even worse, since democracy was restored in 1983, only two non-Perónists (Raul Alfonsin and Fernando de la Rua) have been elected to Argentina’s presidency—and neither of them was able to complete a full term of office. Deeply entrenched Kirchnerista Perónists in the Congress, government bureaucracy, unions, and public companies will be certain to oppose Macri, too.

President Macri needs to bury Perón and Perónism, once and for all, and announce the advent of a new day for Argentina, a day when everyone can get back on the road to market-based democratic principles, economic freedom, and prosperity.

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