ObamaCare Bailouts Prove that the Law Is Flawed and Lousy

Insurance companies shouldn’t get government money now that their bet is going the wrong way. Insurance companies thought they would have a captive market of young, healthy people who would be forced to sign up for expensive policies with the threat of penalties. But it was a cynical scheme. The premiums from young people, who do not use much health care because they are rarely sick, would be used to pay for the care of the old and the chronically ill. The Affordable Care Act was structured so that younger, healthy Americans would pay for everyone else, even though the young have higher unemployment rates, less disposable income, more student loans and fewer assets. Little did these insurance companies know that enrollment would fall far short of predictions. Enrollment in the exchanges is estimated by Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to be 10 million in 2016, compared with 22 million predicted by the Congressional Budget Office in May 2013. Insurance companies are not getting enough premiums to cover the costs of treating enrollees. The problem is that the Affordable Care Act is simply unsustainable.

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