The Future of European Civilization: Lessons for America

America has much to learn from Europe’s current condition. In Europe, the decline in religious faith has led to a universal weakening of society and a loss of confidence in the value of its civilization. And the effects of this have been grave: throngs of unassimilated immigrants, unchecked military threats from abroad, and confusion about national identity threaten Europe’s future. America, by contrast, still shows many signs of strength. Nonetheless, should we lose our sense of shared identity, Europe’s path likely awaits. The threats confronting Europe also confront America: mass immigration of people whose loyalty cannot be guaranteed, the purging of religious assumptions from the public square, and the state’s growth which squeezes out civil society. Europe is also threatened by the rise of confused human rights doctrines which often contradict common sense, the law, and national security interests. Americans have something Europeans lack: a sense of shared identity. This sense of identity depends on borders, laws defined by territory, and preserving the idea of the nation.

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