Obama’s Make-Believe Peace With Iran Ushers in a Wild 2016 in the Middle East

No matter what the occasion, the Obama White House systematically looks the other way whenever Iran does something intended to provoke the United States. What’s now clear is that the White House is never going to “push back” against Iranian aggression, as it promised Democratic lawmakers who reluctantly signed on to the nuclear deal. Nor will the administration deploy the marvelously named but poorly conceived “snap back” sanctions to check Iranian transgressions.

The results are likely to prove catastrophic for American allies and, as we shall soon see, America itself. The violence and turmoil may reach epic proportions this year as Iran races for bargains in a fire sale that it believes is coming to an end in January 2017. However, as the next president will soon find out, it’s not going to be easy. Indeed, the next administration may find itself managing a war, or wars, as its top priority in the Oval Office. In the meantime, 2016 is going to be a year like no one has ever seen in the modern Middle East.

When the administration implements the JCPOA over the weekend, it will be freeing tens of billions of dollars for Iran to spend on anything it likes—which is very bad news for America’s traditional regional partners, three of which are in the middle of hot conflicts with the Iranian axis (Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey).

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