SJR 8208 and SJR 8209, to Amend the State Constitution to Require a Two-Thirds Vote in the Legislature to Raise Taxes

In February 2013, the state supreme court in a 6-3 ruling overturned the voter-approved requirement that proposed tax increases must receive a super majority vote of the legislature or voter approval at the ballot to be enacted. In the past, when the court invalidated a law passed by the people, the legislature sought to implement directly what the people want.  Recent examples include Initiative 695, to reduce car tab costs and Initiative 747, to limit yearly property tax increases.

In response to the court’s ruling and the voters’ approval of Initiative 1366 last November (the sixth time voters have approved a super majority requirement for tax increases), Senator Pam Roach has introduced two proposed constitutional amendments, SJR 8208 and SJR 8209. Both proposals would allow voters, for the seventh time, to consider this taxpayer protection policy and, if they choose, to place the requirement into the state’s constitution.

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