The Facts About the Clean Power Plan

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) is a sweeping assertion of federal power over states to radically overhaul the nation’s entire system of electric power. The EPA’s rule would force the state of Texas to change current law in order to comply with a federal regulation that violates federal law as well as the U.S and Texas constitutions. The federal government has nationalized the health care system through Obama Care and nationalized banks through Dodd Frank. Now, the EPA would nationalize each state’s electric power sector. But there is a huge distinction between these laws and the final EPA rule. Congress enacted new law in Obama Care and Dodd Frank. Here, with no new law, EPA has acted in spite of Congress’s continual refusal to regulate CO2. The rule’s purpose is to reduce carbon dioxide from the electric power sector by 32 percent. When you do the climate arithmetic, this rule would reduce supposed global warming by 0.018º Celsius. This is a meaningless change.

Texas generates 11 percent of the country’s electricity: more than any other state. Because Texas has the largest industrial sector, producing gasoline and thousands of products used across the country and the world. Over half of Texas’ coal-fired plants will be forced to close under the CPP. That is anywhere from 19-25 plants. Texas has joined 26 other states in a suit challenging the constitutionality of the Clean Power Plan. One of the nation’s preeminent Constitutional scholars, Laurence Tribe at Harvard Law School, denounced this rule.

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