Three Steps to Reducing Carbon Emissions Effectively

In 2015, Governor Inslee failed to get even a simple floor vote on his cap-and-trade tax and blamed Republicans, even though it was House Democrats who killed his bill.

Instead of policy failure prompting an honest reassessment, it prompts a ramping up of the rhetoric and a hardening of positions, leading to more policy failure.

For example, despite saying we have no time to lose in addressing climate change, the governor refused to compromise on his plan, demanding billions of dollars in new government spending, and promising to kill any plan that did not include new taxes. Imposing a higher tax on people was more important than passing an effective climate policy.

Now the governor is doubling down, going around the bipartisan opposition to his plan and hoping to institute through regulation what could not be achieved through legislation.  This is the wrong approach.

To break the cycle of fail and blame, we need to step back and find some simple, near-term approaches that can build bipartisan cooperation and get some simple wins. There are three steps we can take in this positive direction.

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