Liberty Action Agenda: Strategy to Secure Freedom for Texas & America 2016-17

In the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, our nation faces a choice. We have before us two paths: the path of Washington, D.C., and the path of the Lone Star State. These are two very different models — the first of control and bureaucracy, the second of liberty and opportunity — and though they coexist now in uneasy juxtaposition, they will not forever endure together. One will eventually win: and so it is important to understand why it matters that Texas wins, and why the Texas Policy Foundation is indispensable to that victory.

Many of the advanced democracies of the world, particularly those in Europe, have asked themselves whether they prefer the uncertainties of a free society — where opportunities are guaranteed but outcomes are not — or the putative security of a managed state, in which freedoms are exchanged for supposedly guaranteed outcomes delivered by the hand of government. They have chosen the latter, and are now paying the price in diminished prosperity and social instability. The frightening thing is that this path of diminished liberty is immensely appealing and persuasive to many Americans today.

This, then, is one path facing these United States. But there is another. If one pole of the argument resides in Washington, D.C., then the other is in the Lone Star State.

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