With World in Disorder, Time Is Ripe For a U.S.-U.K.-Japan Trilateral

It is timely to bring together the three leading democracies of Asia, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere, and explore how more explicitly to articulate their joint interests in global stability. Uniquely over the next two years, the three can join forces to shape how the U.N. Security Council responds to global crises, perhaps giving some heft to the much-tarnished idea of liberal internationalism. Perhaps more importantly, the three can use the forum of the Security Council as a base from which to explore how to cooperate across the globe.

With financial depth, skilled expertise, and strong civil societies, the new trilateral could provide a global face for efforts to uphold liberal norms and rules-based order. Such an initiative, moreover, would serve as much to expand the mindset of Japanese policymakers and the public, and buttress Britain’s commitment to trans-Atlantic ties.

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