Four Priorities for President Obama’s Last Visit to Germany

President Obama is visiting Germany on April 24 and April 25. He will help open the Hannover Messe, a famous industrial trade fair, alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday. On Monday, the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States will meet to discuss the migrant crisis and terrorism. Germany is an important security partner of the United States and the largest economy in Europe. President Obama visited Germany as a presidential candidate in 2008, and has visited four times since. His April visit is likely to be the last Germany trip during his presidency. He should use the opportunity to advocate policies that enhance NATO, support the fight against Islamist terrorism, and lay the groundwork for a future trade deal that truly enhances economic freedom.

In his final trip to Germany, President Obama should encourage Chancellor Merkel to pursue the policies that advance economic freedom and security. President Obama should stress the need to: ensure that the TTIP advances economic freedom, renew sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, make a stronger commitment to NATO, and to tackle the Islamist threat head on.

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