Precision Oncology in the Era of Health Care ReformImproving Outcomes, Sustaining Innovation, Increasing Efficiency

As access to high-quality oncology data and analytics improves, in real time and at the point of care, we have an opportunity to learn from every treatment decision and patient interaction so that we can improve outcomes and deliver better value across the entire cancer care ecosystem. Robust data-sharing of patient outcomes, combined with genomic and phenotypic data, can accelerate the advent of “precision oncology”—delivering the right treatment, at the right time, to the right patient; it can also serve as a platform for value-based reimbursement contracts that better align price with value by collecting data on critical metrics with much greater granularity. Regulatory reforms are needed to accelerate outcomes-based contracting, especially the creation of safe harbors from federal regulations governing “best price,” anti-kickback, and off-label prescribing.

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