Social Conservatives’ Big Problem: We Lack Power (and How to Fix It)

Crony capitalism is fueling sexual liberalism. Many of the 100 corporations speaking out about the issue — an issue that does not affect most of their core business interests — are, no doubt, expressing their own values. But it is striking that these firms do not mind running roughshod over so many of their customers’ values. Why? Why are corporations, historically averse to public controversy, wading directly into the culture wars? Part of the reason is that by engaging on this issue, they can cheaply please the regulators in Washington (and the Obama administration). The massive expansion of vague regulations under the Obama administration means that virtually every major corporation in America has some interest in keeping Washington off of their backs: Trouncing gay-marriage dissenters is a cheap strategy to curry favor.

The very first corporation that I saw get involved in fighting the voters who dissent from gay marriage was Indiana’s Cummins, Inc. — primarily an engine manufacturer. Cummins has no problem moving factories to India, which does not have gay marriage, but it threatened Indiana’s voters back in 2013 when they tried to pass a marriage amendment through the legislature. In 2015, Cummins received a $24 million defense contract — “one bid was solicited and one was received.”

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