A Survey of Michigan’s Private Education Sector

These survey results delineate the impact of Michigan’s 601 private schools on statewide education. It concludes that private institutions offer parents a wider range of educational diversity than public schools and finds that one third of Michigan’s private schools offer financial assistance to attendees. From the 267 responding private schools (80 percent of survey sample), the average private school tuition was approximately $4,700 per year for elementary and middle school students and $7,800 per year for high school students. Survey responses revealed that private schools have immediate capacity to serve more students than are currently enrolled, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels. From the 257 schools that responded to this survey question (77 percent of survey sample), there are an additional 10,000 seats available for elementary and middle school students and over 2,000 additional seats for high school students. The authors exhort state government officials to incorporate a meaningful debate over the viability of private education into the state’s contemporary education policy conversation. These survey results should be of interest to policymakers, school administrators, taxpayers and families considering enrolling their children in private schools.

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