Education Update: Conservatives should Support Achievement Districts

Last week, North Carolina’s House K-12 Education Committee approved House Bill 1080, a bill that would establish an Achievement School District (ASD) in North Carolina. The ASD would supervise and operate five of North Carolina’s lowest-performing elementary schools.

Public school advocacy groups, such as the North Carolina Association of Educators, oppose the establishment of an ASD in the state. Why are liberals up in arms about the potential takeover of five of North Carolina’s 1,845 elementary schools? Indeed, the ASD would oversee instruction and operations for only 0.3 percent of elementary schools in the state. That is hardly a recipe for the kind of widespread calamity prophesized by those on the Left. Then again, their objection to the ASD has more to do with advancing their “school privatization” narrative than actually trying to improve chronically low-performing schools and bolster economic and educational opportunities for North Carolina’s disadvantaged children.

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