History Shows Delayed Adequacy Study Will Call for More Money

Michigan currently ranks twenty-first in per-pupil spending but forty-third in math and reading achievement when compared to other states. Michigan has been spending more than the national average for decades. The state granted Colorado-based Augenblick Palaich & Associates (APA) a $399,000 contract to determine how much money Michigan needs to spend in order to provide “adequate” services to students. The APA concluded, as it has erstwhile found in other states, that more funding is needed in order to boost student achievement in Michigan. The Mackinac Center disputes the APA’s methodology and challenges the Colorado organization’s underlying assumption that more money yields better education returns. The Center’s multi-year, building-level regression analysis found no statistical relationship between spending and results for 27 of 28 different test scores and other academic indicators. The sole exception estimated that a 10 percent spending increase would improve seventh grade math scores by a minuscule fraction of a point.

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