NATO Defense Spending: Cooperation and Contributions to Transatlantic Security

A stable, secure Europe directly affects U.S. global national security interests. Transatlantic solidarity allows the United States and NATO countries to multiply the impact of trade investments, diplomatic exchanges, and security operations. Increases in European defense spending would demonstrate a stronger commitment to collective security, embolden the alliance, and ultimately lead to a more responsive security environment.

At the beginning of this year, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg argued that 2015 was a year of action for the alliance. NATO more than doubled the size of its response force, increased its presence in Europe’s east, and partnered with the European Union to ensure greater regional security. Yet, with the long list of challenges facing the alliance, more remains to be done. “Now,” the secretary stated, “is the time to invest.”

In the face of a revanchist Russia, a weakened European Union, and the increasing threat of extremism at home and abroad, cooperation between the United States and Europe has never been more necessary.

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