The Strange Case of the Postal Service’s Disappearing Board and the Warning It Provides

Some argue the Postal Service could strengthen its bottom line if it entered nonpostal commercial markets like supply chain management and banking. However, there are many good reasons for the current limitation on nonpostal commercial activities.
One is the danger that political interference would prevent the Postal Service from following sound business practices and further weaken it financially.
The political risk is illustrated by the Senate’s failure to confirm any Postal Service Governors since 2010. Only one remains in office, and his term expires in December.
Senator Bernie Sanders has reportedly been using the Senate prerogative of placing holds on confirmation votes to express his displeasure with Postal Service efforts to reduce its footprint, and costs, as it struggles with declining mail demand.
The Postal Service’s disappearing Board of Governors underscores the point that the pocketbooks of mail users, taxpayers, and the Postal Service itself are best protected if the government agency stays out of new nonpostal commercial markets.

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