U.S.-India Relations: Balancing Progress and Managing Expectations

Since the late 1990s, U.S.-India ties have witnessed a steady upward trajectory, despite occasional hiccups. A strong bipartisan consensus in Congress has boosted the effort to build ties with the world’s most populous democracy. India occupies a pivotal place in the region, wedged between a rapidly rising China and the turmoil of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Dhume contends that U.S. hopes of fostering peace and prosperity in Asia rest on deepening U.S.-India relations and supporting ongoing Indian efforts at economic and military modernization. Based on Dhume’s research, the best that the U.S. can do to solidify this relationship is encourage Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, seize new economic opportunities, enhance technology sharing, and champion sound economic principles. Once the U.S. takes these steps to help India strengthen its economy, India’s bigger and outward looking economy will most likely benefit the U.S, but India’s economic improvement will also raise the living standard of its people.

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