Understanding the Internet of Things

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to all electronic devices that are connected and communicate information across a network or networks. Consumers may have experience with IoT technology from the use of wearable devices such as smart watches or fitness trackers. For manufacturers, it is often associated with increased automation (Industry 4.0). The IoT also infers the interconnection of homes, transportation systems, utility systems, and even entire cities (“smart cities”) in what some have termed the “Internet of Everything.”

With newer technologies and greater interconnectivity, the IoT environment will continue to expand and potentially create more connected and efficient regional and global economies. Greater reliance on interconnected devices and the combination of cyber and physical devices will generate new security vulnerabilities. While it is important to ensure user security, Congress and regulators should refrain from using regulations to preempt unknown risks that might deter the innovation and development of newer technologies.

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